Application of Fuzzy Sets Function for Land Attributes Mapping

Dwi Putro Tejo Baskoro


A study was conducted to evaluate the potential use of Geographical Information System (GIS) for mapping the
biophysical resources of watershed PC-based GIS soft-wares were used in the analysis, processing and mapping of spatial
data. The conventional mapping technique that presents land attribute in form of polygon with abrupt change across class
boundaries was improved using Fuzzy technique. This technique involves the generation of membership maps for each soil
type based on the relationship between the soil type and it's forming factors like geology, elevation, slope gradient, slope
aspect, slope curvature, and land cover. The fuzzy technique was found to be more appropriate than the conventional
technique of mapping in expressing continuous and gradually changing soil or land attributes. Validation with observed soil
or land attributes values indicated that root mean square error (RMSE) obtained for Fuzzy method was lower than that from
the conventional method

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