Extraction and Characterization Gelatin of Skin Mackerel (Scomberomorus commersonii) From Province Bangka Belitung Island

Febri Gunawan, Pipih Suptijah, Uju Uju


Mackerel (Scomberomorus commersonii) is one of the pelagic fish that has high economic value and is
widespread in Indonesia waters and potentially as a source of raw material of gelatin production derived
from skin. This study aimed to characterize the physico chemical properties of gelatin of mackerel with
extraction with 3 time of replacement. Pretreatment with NaOH 0,1 M and 12 hours of immersion time,
hydrolysis with CH3COOH 0,1 M for 3 hours, extracted with temperature 70˚C for 2 hours and evavoration
with temperature 60ºC for 60 minutes production gelatin of mackerel skin’s with physico chemical
characteristics of mackerel skin’s gelatin are known to have pH 5,47, gel strength 70,81 bloom, viscosity 5.51
cP and color brightness L=70.78, a=1.44 and b=19.34. Yield 6.61±0.52%. The result of proximate analysis
produced protein (86.78±0.07%), water content (7.69±0.12%), lipid (0.71±0.07%) and ash (0.58±0.13%).
The main amino acids were glysin (25.66%), prolin (12.73%), alanin (12.37%), asam glutamat (11.70%) and
arginin (9.10%).


amino acids, gelatine, yield, mackerel

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