Effect of Extraction Methods on Characteristic of SodiumAlginate from Brown Seaweed Sargassum fluitans

Annisa Ajeng Maharani, Amir Husni, Nurfitri Ekantari


Alginate is a primary metabolite that is needed in food and non food industries. Alginate extraction
method of seaweed affect on viscosity and yield of the alginate. This study aimed to determine the effect of
extraction methods on characteristic and quality of sodium alginate Sargassum fluitans and the extraction
cost needed. This study used two different extraction methods which wereacid alginate method and calcium
alginate method. Quality parameters observed include yield, moisture content, ash content, viscosity,
pH, whiteness index, and functional group analysis, also extraction cost analysis. The results showed that
alginate extraction of S. fluitans by alginic acid method produced better sodium alginate quality than using
calcium alginate method, but the cost higher. Sodium alginate produced by alginic acid method had high
viscosity (127.17±11.50 cps) with yield 9.95±0.31%. The moisture and ash content of the product was low or
9.35±0.31% and 21.88±0.41%, respectively.


acid, calcium, precipitation, viscosity

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