Charactheristic of Lindur Fruit Starch and the Application as Edible Film

Selvanda Moreine Bunga, Agoes Mardiono Jacoeb, Tati Nurhayati


Bruguiera gymnorhiza fruit has potential as raw material for edible film production, because its
availability in nature is quite abundant and has a quite high amylose and amylopectin content (31.56% and
26.17%, respectively). The purpose of this study were to determined the physic and chemical characters
of B. gymnorrhiza fruit starch and to determined the physic characters of edible film added by glycerol as
plasticizer and biopolymers (carrageenan and pectin). The edible film production was conducted by using
commercial starch of B. gymnorrhiza fruit and B. gymnorrhiza fruit starch from North Halmahera. The
first stage of this study was characterized of lindur starch by microscopic and chemical composition. The
second stage is preparation of edible film contained by 4% starch, 0.4%, 0.5%, 0.6% carrageenan, 0.4%, 0.5%,
0.6% pectin, 1% glycerol, subsequently the edible film was characterized by microscopic and mechanic
properties. The results showed that the thickness value of edible film ranged between 0.11–0.125 mm, the
tensile strength value around 1.469-3.132 Kgf/cm2, percent of elongation around 8.38-19.6%, and water
vapor transmission rate ranged around 0.0145–0.01775 g/s.m2.


Bruguiera gymnorhyza, hydrocolloid, tensile strength, polymer

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