Innovation on Street Food Products (Instant Porridge and Cookies) Based on Fortified Patin Fish Protein Concentrate with Red Palm Oil and Encaptulated Oil Fish

Dewita Dewita, Syahrul Syahrul, Desmelati Desmelati, Suardi Lukman


This research aimed to establish innovation on street food (instant porridge and cookies)
from Patin Fish Protein Concentrate fortified by blending red palm oil and encaptulated patin
fish’s oil. The Encaptulation was conducted by blending of red palm oil and patin fish’s oil using
spray dryer. The blending was consisted of three combinations namely 50 : 50 (A1), 40 : 60 (A2)
and 60 : 40 (A3) for ratio between red palm oil and patin fish’s oil. The best combination’s results
was fortified into street food (instant porridge and cookies). The blending was tested by measure
yield, fat and fatty acid profile. Moreover, organoleptics and proximate tests were carrie out for the
best treatment of blending in instant porridge and cookies. The results show that encaptulated
yield reached 55 % that rise from A1 treatment as the best treatment with fat content of 17.26%.
Profile of unsaturated fatty acid especially fatty acid omega 9 from blending fish oil and palm oil
was 59.29%. The number of fatty acid omega 9 was higher than saturated fatty acid which was
18.56%. Furthermore, based on organoleptic tests of instant porridge and cookies using under five
year children respondents, it was proven that 93% of children was like the products. Proximate 

analysis of instant porridge revealed that protein content was 11.04 %, water content was 5.03%,
fat content was 1.92 % and ash was 0.64 %. However, proximate analysis showed that cookies
owned protein of 9.11%, fat of 17.03% , water content was 3.93% and ash of 1.38%.
Keywords : Encaptulated fish, street food, patin fish protein concentrate, palm oil

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