Fish Oil Microencapsulation as Omega-3 Fatty Acids Fortification Material for Cream of Crab Soup

Santiara Putri Pramestia, Bambang Riyanto, Wini Trilaksani


Omega-3 fatty acids have important roles in improvement of intelligent and health
of human. Microencapsulation of fish oil as source of omega-3 fatty acids is an effort to
maintain flavor, aroma, stability, and also to successfully transfer bioactive component
from the fish oil as fortification material for foods or medicines. Improvement of instant
crab cream soup enriched with fish oil as source of omega-3 fatty acid has never been
conducted before. The purpose of this research was to improve microencapsulation
method for fish oil as source of omega-3 fatty acids as fortification material for instant
cream of crab soup. Microencapsulation methods in this research are homogenization
and spray drying. The results showed that the best microcapsule was obtained from
homogenization treatment for 10 minutes with efficiency of 90.41±0.64%. The shape of
the obtained microcapsule was spherical with average size of 6.52 μm, with induction time
up to 26.09±0.01 hours. The best cream of crab soup formula was at fish oil microcapsule 

concentration of 3.30%, with 8.19% daily value of omega-3, inclusion 11.32% of EPA and
DHA at serving size of 17.56 gram.
Keywords : Crab, fish oil, fortification, instant cream soup, microencapsulation, omega-3
fatty acids

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