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Author Guidelines

Indonesian Fisheries Processing Journal


  1. Manuscripts must be original, have not been published previously in any scientific journal, not being submitted for publication elsewhere, and will not be submitted to any media during the review process, unless the authors have officially withdrawn the manuscripts from JPHPI. The statement must be submitted in a statement of originality and copyright release form.
  2. Manuscripts submitted are a research articel or a review which has no conflict with bioethical research.
  3. Manuscripts encompass a broad range of research topics in biochemical aspects of fisheries, biotechnology of fisheries, food processing, characteristics of raw materials, and quality of aquatic products.
  4. The journal is published 3 (three) times a year, i.e April, August, and December.
  5. If authors have any suggestions for 3 (three) peer-reviewers, please write the name, institution, and email.


  1. Manuscript is written in Bahasa Indonesia or English and use standard scientific usage.
  2. Manuscript should be prepared in Microsoft Office Word format (.doc or .docx), except for Graphs using Microsoft Excel program and Figures using JPEG, TIF, or PDF.
  3. Manuscript should be typed using Times New Roman fonts at 12 points.
  4. Manuscript should be typed double-spaced except for Title, Tables, Title of Graphs/Figures, and appendices are single spaced. Manuscript is prepared in A4 paper, and margin on all four sides are 2.5 cm.
  5. Tables, Graphs, and Figures should be placed after References of the manuscript.
  6. Line and page numbers are added.
  7. Manuscript content should be arranged as the following order: Title, name of the author(s), their institutions and e-mail address, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgment (if any), References.
  8. Manuscript should be submitted electronically through online system: http://journal.ipb.ac.id/index/php/jphpi
    Authors who are unable to submit electronically could send the files to: jurnalpengolahan@yahoo.com / jphpi@apps.ipb.ac.id


  1. Title must be brief, accurate, clear, specific and informative which reflect the article content. The length of the title is maximum 20 words. Each word of the title should be capitalized letter and 14 pt bold Times New Roman and be centered.
  2. Name of author(s) are written as for references, without title and professional positions such as Prof, Dr, MSc, MS, Manager, etc. Name of author(s) should be in 12 pt Times New Roman bold. Do not abbreviate your last/family name. Always give your First and Last names.
  3. Name of institution(s) must be accompanied with full address, and e-mail address. Please indicate Corresponding Author (include email address) by adding asterisk (*) in superscript behind the name with arabic number. Name of institution(s) should be in 11 pt Times New Roman .
  4. Abstract must be written in Bahasa and English, in single paragraph and not more than 250 words (for non Bahasa speakers, please contact editor). Abstract contains clear statement of the objective, methods, results, and conclusion. Abstract should be in 10 pt with 1 pts space below.
  5. Key words should be written in not more than 5 (five) words and listed alphabetically.
  6. Introduction describes the background and objective (position at the end of introduction section); it should be written efficiently and supported by references. Introduction also illustrates state of the arts of the research.
  7. Materials and Methods should be written clearly and completely, especially for materials, procedures, experimental design, and data analysis; so they can be repeated by other researchers. Authors should state clearly information of commercial product and equipment used in the research, such as commercial name, product spesification, and country. For the chemicals, please provide details of brand, purity, city, and country (i.e. H3BO4 2% (Merck, Darmstad, Germany)).
  8. Results and Discussion contain experimental obtained results, brief discussion regarding the investigated problems, and supporting references. Results and Discussion should be written collectively. They should not be separated.
  9. Conclusion should be written briefly in single paragraph and reflect the answer of research purpose.
  10. Acknowledgement (if any) to person(s) or institution(s) who help or support the experiment should be stated.
  11. References should have minimum 80% of journals


  1. Author(s) are charged IDR 1.400,000,- for Indonesian author(s) or 200 US$ for foreign author(s) for each article accepted for publication. Corresponding authors will get 2 (two) reprints.
  2. Colour images page(s) will be charged separately.

Full instruction, please download at this link.

Editorial Board of JPHPI, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science,
Bogor Agricultural University
Jln. Agatis, Kampus IPB Darmaga, Bogor, Indonesia 16680
Telephone: +62 251 8622915
Facsimile: +62 251 8622916
Website: http://thp.fpik.ipb.ac.id or http://journal.ipb.ac.id/index.php/jphpi


Author Fees

This journal charges the following author fees.

Article Submission: 0.00 (IDR)
Authors are required to pay an Article Submission Fee as part of the submission process to contribute to review costs.

Fast-Track Review: 0.00 (IDR)
With the payment of this fee, the review, editorial decision, and author notification on this manuscript is guaranteed to take place within 4 weeks.

Article Publication: 1400000.00 (IDR)
If this paper is accepted for publication, you will be asked to pay an Article Publication Fee to cover publications costs.

If you do not have funds to pay such fees, you will have an opportunity to waive each fee. We do not want fees to prevent the publication of worthy work.