Genus Fungi pada Tanah Hutan Mangrove Tercemar Logam Berat di Muara Angke DKI Jakarta (Genus of Fungi on Mangrove Soils Polluted By Heavy Metals in Muara Angke DKI Jakarta)

Achmad ., Pertiwi Wahyu Nurhayati


Mangrove soils in Muara Angke Jakarta were suspected to be polluted with heavy metals. This study describe the analysis to the heavy metal content on those polluted soils. The fungus on those soils were isolated and identified. Results show that heavy metals content of soils of Muara Angke were high, i.e. 1.53 ppm for Pb, 4.59 ppm for Cu and 22.55 ppb for Hg. The fungus which were isolated included Penicilium sp., Eupenicillium sp., Talaromyces sp., Aspergillus sp., Trichoderma sp., and sterile fungae, i.e. fungi which did not produce conidium on PDA medium.

Key words: Heavy metals, Penicilium sp., Eupenicillium sp., Talaromyces sp., Aspergillus sp.,  Trichoderma sp., sterile fungus

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