Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Jurnal Ilmu Keluarga dan Konsumen (JIKK) is a scientific journal that presents articles of scientific writing based on research that can contribute in improving quality of life for families and consumers.

The topics of the research that is published in JIKK such as:

  • family well-being, family resilience, family sociology, family psychology, family resource management, family education, family ecology, family communications, and development of the family; 
  • gender relations within the family; 
  • human growth and development, care and protection of children, parenting;
  • consumer education, consumer protection, and consumer behavior.


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

Artikel yang dinyatakan diterima oleh Pemimpin Redaksi untuk diproses lebih lanjut maka akan memasuki proses Review. Artikel yang direview akan dinilai oleh 2 orang reviewer dengan sistem double blind review. Penulis maupun Reviewer dalam proses ini tidak akan saling mengetahui. Reviewer yang dilibatkan adalah reviewer berkaliber nasional dan internasional. Proses penilaian oleh reviewer ini berlangsung selama 14 hari kerja.



Publication Frequency

Jurnal Ilmu Keluarga dan Konsumen is published three times a year: January, May, September.


Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public support a greater global exchange of knowledge.

All articles published Open Access will be immadiately and permanently free for everyone to read and to download. We are continously working with our author communitiesto select the best choice of license options, currently being defined for this journal as follows:

  • Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)


How to Register

  1. Author should register through the following address:  http://jurnal.ipb.ac.id/index.php/jikk/user/register
  2. Author should fulfill the form. Author must fulfill the information in the star mark section (Username, Password, Repeat Password, Validation, First Name, Last Name, Email, Confirm Email)
  3. Please tick the “confirmation” box to provide you an email confirmation from the Chief Editor of JIKK regarding to the acceptance of your registration.
  4. On the Confirmation Register section, please give your selection as reader, author, reviewer, or third of them.  
  5. After all the form was filled, click on "Register" to process the registration.
  6. After finishing registration process, to submit article, please go to User Home and select your role as Author. In Active Submission, click on "Click here: to go to step one of the five-step submission process".
  7. These are the five-step submission process:
  • Step 1. Starting the Submission.

There are three sections in this step. Firstly, to indicate that the submission is ready to be considered by JIKK, please to check-mark on the submission checklists. Comments for the editor can be added in the blank section in the end of this step. Please click on the "Save and continue" button to go to the further step.

  • Step 2. Uploading Submission.

To upload manuscript to JIKK, author should click Browse (or Choose File) which opens a Choose File window for locating the file on the hard drive of your computer. Click Upload button, which uploads the file from the computer to the JIKK's web site and renames it following the JIKK's conventions. File name follow the rule as follows “Submission JIKK [Year]_Name of First Author. Once the submission is uploaded, click Save and Continue at the bottom of this page.

  • Step 3. Entering the Submission’s Metadata

Author should enter metadata of all authors engaged in the writing process. Click Add Author button and fulfill the information, especially in the check-mark section of the other Author(s). In addition, Author must fulfill the information in the textbox about the manuscript, such as the title, abstract, and keywords.  

  • Step 4. Uploading Supplementary Files

The supplementary file should be uploaded is JIKK-Form A. This form is about Statement of Originality and Copyright Release Form that can be downloaded from download menu in shortcut menu in JIKK website. Therefore, click on Browse button, choose the file, click on Upload button, and click on Save and Continue.

  • Step 5. Confirming the Submission

To submit your manuscript to JIKK click Finish Submission. The submission's principal contact will receive an acknowledgement by email and will be able to view the submission's progress through the editorial process by logging in to the journal web site. Thank you for your interest in publishing with JIKK.