Pengembangan biskuit MOCAF-Garut dengan substitusi hati sebagai alternatif biskuit tinggi zat besi untuk balita

Friska Citra Agustia, Yovita Puri Subardjo, Hesti Permata Sari


The aim of this study was to determine the best formula and character of biscuit made by mocaf-arrowroot substituted with liver (chicken and cow), we conducted a factorial randomized design experiment. Proportion of mocaf-arrowroot-liver substitution were 75:10:15 ; 70:10:20 and 65:10:25; and type of material substitution were chicken’s liver and cow’s liver. Analyzed variables were 1) chemical properties (water content, total fat, total protein, carbohydrate by difference, ash content, iron content and energy) and 2) sensory properties. Hedonic test were conducted to determine the level of consumer acceptance of 15 semi-trained panelists. Data were analyzed by F-test and Duncan’s Multiple Range Test (DMRT). The best treatment was from mocaf 75%: arrowroot 10% and chicken’s liver15% with water content 5.93% wet basis (bb), ash content 1.89% dry basis (bk ), protein content 5.83%bk,  fat content 13.55%bk, carbohydrate by difference 78.71%bk and iron content 14.05 mg/100g. 1 serving of biscuit (22,8) can reach the intake of  iron for 3.3 mg as 35.5-40% daily iron needs of children under five years.


arrowroot; biscuit; chicken’s liver; cow’s liver; mocaf

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