During manuscript submission, the submitting author must provide contact information (full name, email address, institutional affiliation and mailing address) for all of the co-authors. The author who submits the manuscript for publication accepts the responsibility of notifying all co-authors that the manuscript is being submitted. Deletion of an author after the manuscript has been submitted requires a confirming letter to the Editor-in-Chief from the author whose name is being deleted. Upon submission, Editor in Chief will assign the manuscript to a corresponding Editor for further handling. The Editor will request at least two scientists to review the manuscript. Based on the comments from the reviewers, Editor, and Editor-in-Chief will make the decision on the manuscript. Authors should review the preparation of the manuscripts prior to submission of a manuscript. Close attention to all the required details in preparation of the manuscripts will expedite review and reduce the time to publication.

Responsibilities of author
Authors are obliged to follow in peer review process according to Current Biochemistry and signed the agreement stating that the submitted article have never been published on another Journal. If there are parts of data which has been published elsewhere, the sources have to be acknowledge or cited accordingly. Author should ensure that the article content are original and accurate. Any potential conflict of interest has to be declared including any financial, personal, or other relationships with other people or organizations related to their work that could affect their work. All sources of financial supports for the research project and study sponsor(s) (if any) should be disclosed in the Acknowledgement along with their role in the research or study. The publishing ethics is listed in Journal Publishing Agreement and must be submitted for each manuscript.

Responsibilities of reviewers
Reviewers should have no conflict of interest with respect to the research, the authors and/or the research funders. Reviewers are requested to assist in improving the quality of the manuscript through an objective review process within a scheduled period of time, and to contribute to the decision-making process on the manuscript. If reviewers find any published or submitted content similar to that under review, the editor has to be informed.

Responsibilities of editors
Editors should accept manuscripts on the basis of academic and without commercial influence. Editors have the complete responsibility and authority to accept or reject an article. They should have no conflict of interest with regard to articles they accept or reject. Editors should be objective and fair without making any discrimination.

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