Muhajirin Muhajirin, Despal Despal, Khalil Khalil



The present research was aimed to identify the forage pastures in the rainy season and the dry season, productivity of pasture, carriying capacity and nutrient quality of forage by Padang Mengatas pasture (difference in the two season). This study uses a completely randomized design with 2 factors and five replications. This study uses 15 paddock with five replication. The first factor is the topography (TWL = Topography Wavey Leaning, TSC = Topography Sloping Currugated and THL = Topography Hilly Leaning), the second seasons factor (rainy and dry). The research was conducted in the January - March 2016 to the rainy season and August-October, 2016 for the dry season in BPTU-HPT Padang Mengatas pasture, Luhak, 50 Kota. The data obtained were analyzed using analysis of variance (ANOVA) and if there are real differences among treatments then do a further test DUNCAN. The results that Bede (Brachiaria decumbens) grass dominated in BPTU-HPT Padang Mengatas (83.95% rainy season and 81.33% dry season). Percentage legume is still relatively low (0.66% rainy season and 0.13% dry season). Statistical analysis showed that the season provides significant effect (P <0.05) on biomass production, carrying capacity, also provides significant effect on the dry matter content, crude fiber, ash, NDF and ADF while the crude protein, cellulosa and hemicellulosa were not significantly effect. Topography no significant effect on biomass production, carrying capacity and nutrient quality of forage. From the results of this study can be concluded that the percentage of plants that a lot of that kind of B. decumbens grass, Legume still low needs to be improved. From the results of this study can be concluded that biomass production was higer in the rainy season and insufficient in the dry season to the needs of livestock.

Keywords: forage, pasture land, the production of biomass, seasons, topography

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